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"Amazing. My average has climbed to 275+ yards."
Scott Bucher

"World renowned power hitters and technical wizards Mike Austin and Mike Dunaway share their secrets. Filled with revolutionary golf tips."
John Andrisani - Former Senior Instruction Editor, GOLF Magazine

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Now you can learn the simple swing SECRETS that enabled PGA Pro Mike Austin to average over 300 yards -even in his 70's!

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Dear Fellow Golfer:

Imagine yourself two weeks from today. Armed with Mike Austin: Secrets From the Game's Longest Hitter, with long drive legend Mike Dunaway, your golf game is exploding to new levels of distance and accuracy you never even dreamed of. You're amazing your playing partners with each new round, like our new friend Scott Bucher. Here's his letter:

"I studied the video for a couple of weeks and the results were immediate and amazing. My average has climbed to 275+ yards and, more importantly, my accuracy has improved to the point that I now aim for certain sections of the fairway in order to set up my approach shots.

Reality has far exceeded my fantasy...None of it would be possible without this video. Thanks a million!!" Scott Bucher

Scott is one of thousands of golfers who have discovered Mike Austin's Secrets for hitting it long and straight. Every day we receive messages from golfers playing the best golf of their lives. 

"I have had chance to only hit a couple of hundred balls at the range but have noticed instant improvement. For the first time in years my drives are setting off in the right direction, easily averaging as long or longer than my previous best.

I can't stop watching the video -- definitely the two nicest and most powerfully awesome swings I have ever seen -- especially Mike Dunaway. I could watch him all day."

Best regards, Colin Andrews

Hearing how other golfers have discovered these SECRETS can make you eager to jump-start your game. But if you've tried everything under the sun and still have trouble maintaining a simple, repeatable, and powerful swing, you may wonder...

"What Makes Mike Austin's Golf Video So Different From Others Advertised?

Are you skeptical about other golf videos and their claims? If you are smart, you should be skeptical. But we stake our guarantee and our reputation on results.

That's why we get the testimonials we do and why the Los Angeles Times ran a story on Mike Austin with this headline: THE MAN WHO CRACKED THE CODE!

Boy, did he ever!

In our best-selling golf dvd -- "Mike Austin: Secrets From The Game's Longest Hitter" -- you'll discover the same tested and proven secrets Mike Austin used to hit the longest drive in competition. Both the PGA of America and the Guinness Book of Records recognize Mike's 515 yard drive at the U.S. National Senior Open as the "longest drive, regulation course" and "longest drive, competition" respectively.

That means Mike didn't get in the record books by hitting this drive on an airport runway, at a high altitude, or by any other means of fakery. Mike was -- THE REAL DEAL. For more on Mike's record-setting blast, CLICK HERE.

Average golfers and the most respected golf critics alike have used Mike's Secrets to play the best golf of their life. People like you have gained 20 to 40 yards or more off the tee, with greater accuracy -- regardless of their skill level or handicap!

In Mike's 'revolutionary' golf dvd, "Mike Austin: Secrets From The Game's Longest Hitter", you'll learn FOUR SIMPLE SECRETS:

  • The Secret Forward Press!  How to get your body into motion - and initiate the backswing at the same time - to build up the momentum for monster drives! (This secret not only gets your body moving... but... it also sets your wrist and hand angles correctly to eliminate hooking and slicing so you muscle the straightest drives possible!)

  • The Secret of the Hands and Arms!  The simple movement that sets your club on plane and keeps it there so you get pinpoint accuracy from your swing! Plus you'll learn the "figure-seven" that keeps your arms from working independently so every part of your swing functions as one unit.

  • The Secret Compound Pivot!  How to initiate tremendous force by making a small 8" "pendulum" shift in your center of gravity from the hips! It's so easy!

  • The Secret Release!  How to create a fluid throwing action that accelerates the club head at the ball and increases your swing speed to pound the ball long and hard right where you want it to land! Once you learn this you'll never go back  to your old swing again.

And here's the best part.

Mike Austin's techniques can teach ANYONE how to hit longer and straighter, even the 24-handicappers!

Here's another letter, one of over 500 we have received:

"I never could hit a ball off the tee more than 230-250 yards. I watched the video and then went to the driving range to check out the big stick. I drove the ball past the 325 yard marker on my first drive. It felt really good. It works equally well with my irons. It is so radically different from what I was doing before.

The video did a great job explaining the details. Thanks a lot."

Mike Krailo
Virginia Beach, Virginia

It's not just average golfers who have seen spectacular results with Mike Austin: Secrets From the Game's Longest Hitter, with long drive legend Mike Dunaway. Here's what some of the top golf writers in the world have to say about our amazing golf dvd.   

"I've been waiting all my life for this instruction video. I've seen them all, and this is the best!"

Jim Achenbach
Senior Writer, GolfWeek

Jim Achenbach is one of the most respected golf journalist working today. When he says he's been "waiting all my life for this video", listen up. He's seen tons of golf videos. He doesn't call something "the best" unless he believes it!

Here's another top level endorsement from a renowned golf writer:

"World renowned power hitters and technical wizards Mike Austin and Mike Dunaway share their secrets in a new video...the most informative tape I have ever watched. Bar none. Filled with revolutionary golf tips."

John Andrisani, Former Senior Instruction Editor at GOLF Magazine

John Andrisani wrote the bestseller The Tiger Woods Way and came up with the golf instruction term The X Factor  for legendary instructor Jim McLean. Andrisani is another heavyweight testimonial to the "revolutionary" techniques YOU will learn from this new golf video.

Our DVD is fast becoming a golf instructional classic. What you get is 101 minutes of every phase of Mike Austin's amazing power swing secrets! From properly addressing the ball... right to the follow-through... all aspects of hitting long drives the Mike Austin way are explained in minute detail and visually demonstrated.

Would You Like To Gain 20-40 Yards Or More Off The Tee, And Consistently Hit Your Longest Drives Ever, Up To 275-300 Yards Straight Down The Fairway? Guaranteed!

Click the BUY NOW button below to securely order your copy of Mike Austin: Secrets From the Game's Longest Hitter, with long drive legend Mike Dunaway.

You'll gain 20-40 yards off the tee with increased accuracy. We offer a Risk-Free 60 Day Guarantee.





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